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Foreclosure Fraud Cases

Kim et al. v. JP Morgan Chase Bank 302528 (Mich. Cir. Ct. Macomb Co.)

Plaintiffs opposed JPM's foreclosure action on their home. PLaintiffs had mortgage from Washington Mutual; after default, Wa Mu's successor JPM initiated foreclosure and purchased the home at a sheriff's sale. Plaintiffs claimed that JPM had not recorded it's alleged interest in the home before the sheriff's sale as required by state law; although Macomb Circuit Court granted judgment to the bank, plaintiffs appealed; Michigan Court of Appeals reversed finding in favour of plaintiffs that JPM had not recorded interest prior to sheriff's sale and thus was not autho More...

Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Bank of America N.A. et al. 11-4363 (Mass. Sup. Suffolk Co.) Boston

Attorney General of Massachusetts has sued banks including JPM, Bank of America, Ally Financial, and mortgage servicing company Merscorp alleging fraud in mortgage foreclosures. Massachusetts AG has stated that banks moved to seize homes when they had no legal authority to do so; deceived homeowners about loan modifications and "strung along borrowers for months" before rejecting modification requests; and engaged in "robosigning," i.e. filed foreclosure and loan transfer paperwork without verifying the information in the documents.


Stone v. Washington Mutual Bank et al. 1:10-cv-06410 (N.D.Ill) Chicago

Purported class action alleging foreclosure fraud. JPMorgan is successor in interest to Washington Mutual, the original lending bank. The actions asserts claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) claiming that lending banks, document servicing companies, lawyers, shell companies and others have conspired to use forged documents, legal proceedings initiated by parties with no legal interest, and other actions to illegally foreclose on homes, reaping large profits. Plaintiff alleges that in addition to harming homeowners and More...