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This site is provided as a public service. It collects and presents information on litigation and related proceedings involving JPMorgan Chase & Co. and its affiliated companies, including J.P. Morgan Securities Inc., Chase Bank, J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc., and others (including formerly separate companies that have been acquired by JPMorgan, such as Bear Stearns & Co., Washington Mutual Bank, etc.).

This site presents available information about litigation and other proceedings in general categories – feel free to browse the categories for individual cases, or use the search function to find information about specific cases or parties.

HELP US IDENTIFY AND TRACK CASES AND OTHER PROCEEDINGS INVOLVING JPMORGAN! If you are party to a case, know of a case we have not identified, can contribute a news link or a document for a case, please use the CONTACT form. Please also help us by identifying any errors in the information presented. We will review submissions on a regular basis. Please note we do not promise to use information submitted and can not respond to emails; in particular note that this site does not provide legal, financial, or other advice.

News items of general interest or related to particular cases will be updated on a regular basis; you can find links to news items in the case pages or on the news page.

In some cases available public documents such as complaints, motion briefs, court judgments, or other materials have been collected; you will find these generally on the particular case pages.

The Links page will provide other sources of information, for example JPMorgan’s corporate web site and latest public filings; court web sites and other sources of documents; legal information sites; and news summaries or other informative matter. We welcome contributions for the links page a well.

Finally, please note that JPMorgan-watch collects public information for general information purposes only and does not express any opinion as to financial or legal matters, or provide editorial or opinion comment about JPMorgan, anyone involved in litigation or dispute with JPMorgan, or other matters or persons. Please read our disclaimer.

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